To develop and implement an evaluation plan and to coordinate the evaluation of the major results of the project.



Description of work

Task 16.1       Develop an evaluation plan and evaluation criteria

In cooperation with members of the External Exert Group, an Evaluation Plan and Evaluation Criteria will be developed. To this end data-collection-procedures will be devised to answer the identified questions:

  • Did the project achieve its purpose and objectives?
    • Was the project on time?
    • Are there significant missing research areas in the project?
    • Could the project have taken a more efficient and effective path to reach the identified outcomes?
    • Did the project outcomes enlighten policy makers?
      • Are project materials helpful to policy makers?
      • Did project materials get used? How?
    • What contribution did the individual partners provide to the project?
      • How much did the different institutions put into the project?
      • Did the interaction among partners increase the pan-European perceptions of cooperation and its benefits?

Task 16.2       Carry out evaluation

An evaluation of the individual WPs will be carried out. (In order to avoid conflict of interest, the partner responsible for WP16 will not be participating in any other Work Package.  Likewise, none of the other Partners will form part of WP16) Evidence in relation to the questions raised in the evaluation plan and the evaluation criteria will be elicited through:

  • A review and analysis of the deliverables produced by the project.
  • Observations of interactions at the meetings.
  • Surveys of personnel from partnering institutions.
  • Surveys of policy makers and corporate counsel who benefit from the dissemination process.

The data generated will be analysed and formative information required to enhance the project along its development. These will be relayed at appropriate intervals to the Project Co-ordinator and WP1 as an additional internal audit function while they would also be integrated in the form of a final summative report for the full project. This report will be delivered to the Commission together with the Final Report.