# Deliverable name
D.1.1 Project plan
D.1.2 Dissemination and Communications Strategy
D.1.3 Six-monthly Progress Reports
D.1.4 Interim Report
D.1.5 Final Report
D.2.1 Overview of surveillance systems
D.3.1 Inventory of Impact assessment models
D.3.2 impact Assessment Criteria
D.4.1 Inventory of CCTVs technologies being used by the private and public sector in major European cities.
D.4.2 Cost and Convenience report
D.4.3 Impact Assessment assessing CCTVs
D.5.1 Inventory of data storage, matching and mining techniques being used by the private and public sector in major European cities.
D.5.2 Cost and Convenience report
D.5.3 Impact assessment assessing grounds for data storage, matching and mining techniques
D.6.1 Inventory of social network analysis systems being used by the private and public sector in major European cities.
D.6.2 Cost and Convenience report
D.6.3 Impact assessment assessing social network analysis systems
D.7.1 Inventory of RFID and geolocation systems being used by the private and public sector in major European cities
D.7.2 Cost and Convenience report
D.7.3 Impact Assessment of the use of RFID and geolocation devices
D.8.1 Inventory of automated systems tracking financial movements being used by the private and public sector in major European cities.
D.8.2 Cost and Convenience report
D.8.3 Impact Assessment of automated systems tracking financial movements
D.9.1 Legal evaluation report
D.9.2 Best practises report
D.10.1 Overview of economic models
D.10.2 Economic assessment of surveillance and monitoring systems under review
D.11.1 Web-based questionnaire (in Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Slovene, Slovak, Swedish)
D.11.2 Individual country reports
D.11.2.1 Austria report
D.11.2.2 Belgium report
D.11.2.3 Bulgaria report
D.11.2.4 Cyprus report
D.11.2.5 Czech report
D.11.2.6 Denmark report
D.11.2.7 Estonia report
D.11.2.8 Finland report
D.11.2.9 France report
D.11.2.10 Germany report
D.11.2.11 Greece report
D.11.2.12 Hungary report
D.11.2.13 Italy report
D.11.2.14 Ireland report
D.11.2.15 Latvia report
D.11.2.16 Lithuania report
D.11.2.17 Luxembourg report
D.11.2.18 Malta report
D.11.2.19 Netherlands report
D.11.2.20 Poland report
D.11.2.21 Portugal report
D.11.2.22 Romania report
D.11.2.23 Slovakia report
D.11.2.24 Slovenia report
D.11.2.25 Spain report
D.11.2.26 Sweden report
D.11.2.27 UK report
D.11.3 Synthesised all countries report
D.12.1 Discussion guidelines (in Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Maltese, Norwegian, Romanian, Spanish, Slovak)
D.12.2. Individual countries report
D.12.2.1 Austria report
D.12.2.2 Belgium report
D.12.2.3 Bulgaria report
D.12.2.4 Czech report
D.12.2.5 France report
D.12.2.6 Germany report
D.12.2.7 Italy report
D.12.2.8 Malta report
D.12.2.9 Netherlands report
D.12.2.10 Norway report
D.12.2.11 Romania report
D.12.2.12 Slovakia report
D.12.2.13 Slovenia report
D.12.2.14 Spain report
D.12.2.15 UK report
D.12.3 Synthesised all countries report
D.13.1 Map of the present and incipient social dangers related to the development and spreading of surveillance socio-technical systems
D.13.2 Workshop and Findings of Workshop regarding draft questions to be inserted into online questionnaires and interview guidelines to be applied in the quantitative survey and qualitative interviews respectively
D13.3 Scientific note on literature, statistical data and research projects on social perception of surveillance systems
D.13.4 Final Report on social costs of surveillance
D.14.1 Analysis of findings in CONSENT with implications for RESPECT
D.14.2 Analysis of findings in SMART with implications for RESPECT
D.14.3 Policy conclusions Review inserted into RESPECT Final Report
D.15.1 Initial Toolkit design
D.15.2 Toolkit incorporation a matrix/checklist incorporating operational/technical-economics-legal based criteria for systems specifically designed for surveillance purposes and Model force-level regulations for the deployment of Surveillance systems including large-scale integrated systems
D.16.1 Evaluation plan and evaluation criteria
D.16.2 Interim reports to WP1 (at intervals to be determined in the Project Plan after consultation with the External Advisory Group but not less than once yearly)
D.16.3 Summative evaluation report
D.17.1 Website
D.17.2 First Policy Workshop and publication of relative proceedings
D.17.3 Second Policy Workshop and publication of relative proceedings
D.17.4 Ad-hoc meetings and briefings
D.17.5 Final Conference & publication of relative proceedings