Why is it unique?

RESPECT project deliberately sets out to differentiate itself with an approach that complements and builds upon previous studies but does not duplicate them. It does  so through a combination of methods:

  1. By focusing on application areas which for some reason (e.g. because they are new emerging technologies or recent societal trends) have not been adequately studied to date;
  2. By adopting a comparative analysis methodology that is much wider than that taken in previous studies and in this case with a particularly pan-European and international approach;
  3. By consciously adopting an inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary approach which is both more diverse and more comprehensive than that taken in previous studies;
  4. By carefully examining the thrust and coverage of other major privacy/surveillance-related studies and EU FP7 projects (e.g. SMART and CONSENT) in an effort to feed directly from the results of other projects, build upon them and develop them further;
  5. By aiming at achieving practical results for key stakeholders capable of being deployed across and outside Europe

Five key categories of systems: CCTV systems (WP4), databases and data-mining (WP5), social network analysis (WP6), RFID and geo-locations (WP7) and systems tracking financial movements (WP8).