A solutions-oriented approach → Toolkit producing Policy Matrix Checklist/Operating guidelines.

The RESPECT project will bring all its outcomes together in the form of a toolkit that will be useful to policy makers, system designers and police/security forces. RESPECT also intends to limit the collection and storage of unnecessary data and to find a balance between data protection needs and data protection and privacy. Thus, the toolkit is expected to contain two important contributions to further the state of the art:

  • A Matrix-style checklist based on operational/technical- economics- legal based criteria and designed to help policy makers in future decision-making about the investment in and deployment of surveillance systems;
  • System Design and Operating Guidelines which can be followed and implemented by the designers of surveillance systems as well as police forces and security services when deploying all forms of surveillance. These guidelines are expected to contain detailed, specific scalable measures as appropriate to circumstances and would represent a significant advance on the first-in-class guidelines adopted by the NYPD police in 2009. The force-level Operational Guidelines which may eventually be used by police forces across EU Member States (and potentially by others outside of Europe).